Shipping weights are programmed into all items we offer. FREE shipping is offered with select items.

Items that have free shipping have that auto-programmed into the site. We will mention the free shipping in the item description. Otherwise, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. We only provide the option of FedEx shipping due to USPS repeated failures in service and refusal to honor insurance claims.

We have experienced difficulties getting the site to assign shipping rates properly because there isn't a mechanism to identify which 'products' are 'firearms' and which aren't per BATFE guidelines. All "firearms" must be shipped overnight. This is the result of BATFE regulations and FedEx's interpretation of said regulations. As such any 'firearm' (read: pistol frame, receiver, complete gun), will be shipped FedEx 2-day delivery or faster. Typically a handgun will cost around $80 to ship with the typical insurance required to replace the item and work done if lost. All other items may be shipped by any Fed Ex rate which is typically a 3-4 day delivery and commonly costs around $20, again with insurance. Our site may overcharge you for shipping. Please make a note on the receipt, that you will send in with your parts, to be sure we take note of it. We try to review every purchase and verify proper shipping charges were charged. We routinely have to refund the overcharges on shipping. We appreciate your understanding. When we arrange for shipping, we will have FedEx automatically notifying you of the shipment pickup, exceptions, expected delivery and delivery confirmation via email. We also typically send a finished photo of your parts and a text prior to packaging.

Items in stock will typically ship within 72hrs. Items that we machine on demand can take as much as 30-60 days to ship. If you need it RIGHT NOW, please contact us to see what kind of delivery time we can promise. We will do our best.