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Probably the second most common question after "how much?" is "how long?"

Turn around times vary based on order volume.  We work on a 'first come first serve' system like most businesses.  We don't offer expedited or rush service because that's not fair to the guys on a budget who keep getting bumped by the guys with a little extra cash.  We feel like it's the fairest way to do things.  Your turn time starts when your parts arrive and we can begin disassembly/machining, etc.

We are historically backed up 2-4 weeks on machining.
We do all our own Cerakote in-house and it only adds a day or two to your turn time.
We send out all of our PVD and Black Nitride work and that's where we get killed.  They too work on a first come first serve and their volumes are much larger.  They routinely take anywhere from 2-7 weeks to turn around machining (see recent estimates below).

Current turn times as of; 11/1/2019
Machining only:                       2-3wks
Machining and Cerakote:      2-3wks
Machining and Black Nitride: 4-5wks
Machining and PVD:               5-7wks
Frame work only:                      4-5wks
Cerakote only:                         5-7 working days