Silencerco Custom Barrels

Silencerco Custom Barrels

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SiCo Model
G43 [+$20.00]
SiCo Options
8 Straight Flutes, TiN [+$40.00]
8 Straight Flutes, Black nitride [+$40.00]
8 Straight Flutes, TiCN [+$40.00]
10 Straight Flutes, TiN [+$45.00]
10 Straight Flutes, Black nitride [+$45.00]
10 Straight Flutes, TiCN [+$45.00]
8 Spiral Flutes, TiN [+$40.00]
8 Spiral Flutes, Black nitride [+$40.00]
8 Spiral Flutes, TiCN [+$40.00]
10 Spiral Flutes, TiN [+$45.00]
10 Spiral Flutes, Black nitride [+$45.00]
10 Spiral Flutes, TiCN [+$45.00]

Silencerco Barrels

We have been stocking various models of Silencerco barrels which are designed to be drop in replacements for your Glock barrel. We then take these barrels and flute them, polish them and re-coat them. You get the outstanding performance of Silencerco but with an enhanced look of other custom barrels and enhanced external coatings. Note: The G43 barrels come with an additional components, the silencer bootster adapter is included ($20 extra charge is applied). We only sell the 43 barrels as a package.

Be sure to select the proper model and barrel mods from the pull down at top right. In the photo with the angled barrels, they are from left to right; #1 G43 8 Flute Spiral, TiN, #2 G34 8 Flute Spiral TiN, #3 G19 10 Flute Spiral TiN, #4 G17 8 Flute Straight TiN, #5 G19 8 Flute Spiral Black nitride, #6 G19 8 Flute Straight Black nitride, G17 8 Flute Spiral Black nitride. The second photo is the same group of barrels from a differing angle. The third photo shows three TiCN "copper" coated barrels, all have 8 spiral flutes, the last photo compares a TiN and TiCN coated barrel.

In stock barrels ship right away, or we'll ship when your slide/frame work is complete (see HOW TO ORDER tab above for more info).  If barrels are not in stock, delivery time is around 6 weeks to obtain, machine and refinish the barrel.  Contact us if you'd like us to get one started, you can pay when it's ready.

By purchasing this barrel modification, you are knowingly accepting a handgun in return that will have change in performance. Careful use, practice and familiarization with the new components and their function is incumbent upon the user just like any other time using a firearm.

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