IG: @chris.j.ambrose

Chris Ambrose started his shooting career over 20 years ago under direction of his father, learning safe weapons handling at an early age. This experience was the start of a lifelong passion, influencing both his favorite pastime and his career. He is currently a full-time Federal Agent with over a decade of law enforcement experience in the areas of Patrol, Special Operations, Physical/Personal Protection, Aviation, Use of Force Test & Evaluation, and Course Development/Instruction for advanced firearms and tactics. In addition to his full-time job, Chris enjoys passing on his knowledge of firearms and firearms safety to those of all experience levels, regularly offering instruction and advice to responsible shooters eager to improve their skills.

Chris joined the Fire-4-Effect team after creating a relationship with the company in 2014. Fire-4-Effect offered the custom services he needed to give him the edge in both competition and the real world. The practical modifications and attention to detail were exactly what he was looking for in a custom firearm, and he has been an outspoken brand ambassador ever since.

Representing Fire-4-Effect, Chris competes primarily in USPSA Limited and Production Divisions and Multigun/3-Gun. His favorite type of competitions, however, are outlaw style matches where he can focus on honing his skills with the Fire-4-Effect weapons he carries regularly.

IG: @ghost5tactical

"Q" currently a Law Enforcement Officer with St. Petersburg Police in Florida and has been since 2015 and a member of the SWAT team. He joined the Army in early 2007 as an 11B and left Active Duty in late 2014 finishing up the rest of his commitment with the FLNG in 2015. He deployed to both OIF and OEF and was stationed with 5-20th INF at Ft. Lewis and 4-17 INF at Ft. Bliss. While serving in the Army he had an array of positions: SAW gunner, Grenadier, Team Leader, Squad Leader, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, and Sniper Section Leader. However, he spent the majority of his career as a member of a RECCE Platoon in Sniper Section at both duty stations.

After serving in a Sniper Section for a long period of time he received a Sniper School date and graduated class of 02-12 of the Ft. Benning Sniper School, receiving the B4 identifier. He continued to serve in section and became a Sniper Section Leader and led 5 3-man Sniper Teams within the Battalion.

While he was the SSL he encouraged new and old team members to become involved with off duty training such as 3-gun and competitive precision based shooting. This was a huge eye-opener for his teams as well as himself. He found it wasn't so cool to call yourself a "combat proven Sniper" and have your ass kicked by old dudes, kids, and others who have never picked up a rifle in anger before.

Today, he participates in PRS matches, local club precision based matches, and occasional club 3-gun matches. In club precision matches he has placed in the top 3 multiple times. In PRS he has only shot 2 matches and has yet to place in the top 25 percentile but we're confident he will soon. He has however, won 2 stages.


IG: @j_mooniz

At 18 years of age Jesus Muniz started shooting and hunting for leisure. This is when he discovered the significance of firearms and firearm proficiency. Firearm safety and proficiency became even more crucial after working as a Registered Nurse in a trauma hospital. After witnessing the aftermath of violent encounters, he then sought to obtain training and a concealed weapons permit. As a result of having increased exposure to firearms he was inadvertently introduced to the world of competitive shooting. In his off time he enjoys training and working with other shooters to improve overall marksmanship. He is currently a USPSA member and participates in local monthly shooting competitions.

His future goals are to share his experience and skills, training others to be safe, purposeful, and efficient shooters. Currently his personal goal is to continue to improve in order to ultimately achieve Grandmaster status and attend 2017 USPSA Nationals.


Greg is a 22 year US Army veteran that includes 14 years as a member and section leader of the US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU); routinely competed both nationally and internationally attaining numerous first place individual and team finishes. He is a marksmanship doctrine writer and instructor involving all US military service branches to include those of Afghan National Army and Afghan Coalition Forces. Notably, Greg is a nine (9) time recipient of the President's 100 Pistol Tab, he is a Certified High Master Class Pistol by the NRA and a long time competitor in two and three gun competitions. Greg teaches for companies such as TigerSwan.