Grip Re-Shape and "The Heisenberg" Stippling
Heisenberg texture, standard edging, square/cube index point

Grip Re-Shape and "The Heisenberg" Stippling

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DESCRIPTION:    The Heisenberg is our newest stippling pattern named by our customers after the "Breaking Bad" lead man because the pattern resembled the cracked meth he would create in the show.  This stipple pattern is just about as addictive too!  The texture improves grip purchase and feel while optimizing looks at the same time.  See a short description of this textures application to each different make we offer it on below.  We include the left side forward thumb rest area (index point) with this package, the right side can be done as well, simply select that option above. Our index points are done in either our wedge/angled style or a cube/squared style, (see photos and photo captions above for comparison), select the style of your choice in the options above. Our edges are laser cut (black frames only, otherwise by hand), we offer standard clean edges or we can take it one step better and deepen/recess the edging to get a slightly tighter grip profile and cleaner more 'finished' looking edging. If you'd like recessed edges, choose the recessed edges option above.

SPECIAL NOTES:    Black polymer guns respond well to the laser edging.  However different color frames, especially FDE can be quite difficult to work with and frequently we must resort to hand cut edges.  These take longer and cannot be 'laser sharp' like...well...   a laser.

RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES:  Trigger guard undercuts are sold separately.  They are really great for getting a higher purchase on the grip, thus dropping the bore axis and reducing recoil muzzle flip.  We also recommend a good trigger job.

LEO/MIL/1ST RESPONDER:  We refund 10% only on machining and refinishing options  to LEO/MIL/1ST RESPONDERS with valid credentials.  You need to send us via text/email/with your package, a copy of your credentials.  We refund the 10% upon completion of the work.  This item DOES NOT qualify for the discount, only machining and refinishing, not frame work, sorry.


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Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks Free Shipping.
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Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks Free Shipping.
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