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Flute MY Barrel!

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Fire 4 Effect Barrel Fluting Services
We have added new tech to our CNC capabilities that allows us to precisely modify your OEM (or aftermarket*) barrel. We can add fluting if the barrel isn't already fluted. We offer  8 straight or 8 spiral fluting as an option.  Due to the extensive setup requirements we will ONLY FLUTE BARRELS ON MONDAYS. So if your barrel arrives to us on Tuesday, it will be placed in the queue for the next Monday, no exceptions. Once fluted we can proceed with the other options we offer. Other options include trimming the barrel length to more closely match your OEM slide, giving it a sleek custom look. (Please see COMPATIBILITY section regarding G43 barrels)  If you elect to have us trim your barrel, we MUST crown it too. If you elect to have us trim your barrel and you do not send the slide, we will trim exactly 0.100" from the muzzle.  This will bring the trim very close to flush but we cannot guarantee flush unless you provide the slide for fitting.  You can elect to not trim it and add a custom crown alone. Regardless of how we machine your barrel, we strongly recommend refinishing as we will expose raw metal. We will not Cerakote barrels. Cerakote will not survive the constant scraping a pistol barrel experiences and on tighter tolerance guns it will likely impede smooth function so we only offer PVD or Black Nitride options at this time. We will not machine the barrel hood/chamber areas. Upon completion of the machining you have three polish options. We can leave the entire barrel unpolished and ship it back with raw metal exposed.  If this is what you want, select NONE for the coating option.  If you select unpolished (raw cuts) AND select one of our coatings, we will be forced to blast the barrel to accept the new coating.  This creates the second polish option, matte/tactical finish.  A matte or "tactical" finish is a completely uniform dull/matte finish.  Matte/tactical finish looks good with black nitride, we discourage TiN or TiCN with this polish option, they just don't look good.  Lastly we offer to do an Executive Polish where we polish the barrel chamber surfaces to a high shine, then polish the barrel outermost surfaces to a shine leaving the flutes (if ordered) matte. This gives the barrel a beautiful custom appearance, creating a two-tone gloss to matte finish in whichever coating you select.  The black barrels in the pictures above were coated with DLC.  We no longer offer DLC because the Black Nitride is more durable, less expensive to you and we have faster turn around getting it coated.  Black nitride will give the same polish/matte finish you see in the pics of the black barrels.  In pictures where the barrel appears to have black and grey flutes, that is un-oiled DLC.  When you add a light oil coating to those barrels, the grey turns black.  If you order Black nitride, the entire barrel is black.  Finally, we also polish the feed ramp.

By purchasing this barrel modification, you are knowingly accepting a handgun in return that will have change in performance. Careful use, practice and familiarization with the new components and their function is incumbent upon the user just like any other time using a firearm.

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