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Armorer's Fee
Please dis/reassemble my CZ [+$39.99]
I'm sending completely stripped parts
Cut my slide (per the description below) [+$184.99]
No slide cuts requested
Slide Finish
Black Nitride - Tactical Matte [+$74.99]
Black Nitride - Executive [+$106.98]
Black Nitride - Camo [+$124.98]
Cerakote single color [+$84.99]
Cerakote multi-color [+$139.99]
No slide refinishing needed
Shave down my front strap/back strap [+$124.99]
No frame mods requested
Frame Finish
Black Nitride - Tactical Matte [+$74.99]
Cerakote single color [+$84.99]
Cerakote multi-color [+$119.99]
No finish, send it back raw!
Slide Racker
Add Slide Racker [+$59.99]
None required
Gas Pedal
Add left Gas Pedal (right hand shooter) [+$64.99]
Add right Gas Pedal (left hand shooter) [+$64.99]
I don't want a gas pedal
We can modify your CZ Tactical Sport with our mods to make it truly competition ready.  See the mods we can apply below;

We will re-machine your slide to reduce weight by about 3oz., taking steel off the front with vents, the center top and rear sides, we'll shave the sides 0.020" removing the existing serrations and roll marks.  Finally we place flutes in the recoil spring housing.  By doing this we reduce the reciprocating mass thus reducing muzzle roll during rapid fire stages.  We will place vents up front as well as our RAGE knurling to improve the slide's limited grip due to the inherent internal rail design.  During the machining process we've shaved off all the CZ engraving.  We laser engrave the slide again but the way it should've been done in the first place.... in Czech!  We laser our logo on the right side in a small little area to be tasteful.  This modification will expose raw steel on your slide so be sure to order a slide refinishing option such as black nitride or Cerakote.  

Now a gun isn't a race gun without a couple specific features in our opinion.  One of those is a slide racker.  The CZ's design make's it inherently difficult to grab for slide manipulations.  We improved that a little with the vents and RAGE knurl but adding a slide racker makes it so very easy to rack that slide quickly.  Custom machined into the top, just forward of the rear sight, we add a 5 deg up tilt so it clears the biggest hands during cycling.    Again we'll expose raw steel on your slide so be sure to order a refinishing option.  We can black nitride or Cerakote the racker, please tell us in the comments section at checkout which you'd prefer, the cost is included in the option price.

The CZ TS's original frame is.... well, fat!  It's big and fat and hard to hold.... and did we mention it's fat?  The original checkered wood grip panels are.... you guessed it, FAT!  The gun is inherently heavy to inhibit recoil but it's also kinda hard to hold from the factory.  WE FIX THIS.  We start by reducing the front and back straps giving them completely new contours, losing the cast checkering.  We also re-contour the beaver tail slightly as well as the trigger guard undercut and trigger guard itself.  We don't reduce the weight on the frame any further, we take advantage of the heavier steel frame to inhibit recoil since we've lightened the slide to reduce the reciprocating mass.  Be sure to order a frame refinishing option above, the steel CZ uses has a high iron content and rusting is a real problem with exposed steel on these frames. 

Now as mentioned above there's a few things a 'race gun' has to have.  A gas pedal is one of them....  The gas pedal is our own design with five points of adjustment giving you a full 0.500" range of play to get it fitting your paws perfectly.  We can even match the texture on the gas pedal to the RAGE knurl on the slide.  Be sure to specify if you're a right or left handed shooter when selecting the option.


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Black Nitride coating alone takes 2 to 4 Weeks Free Shipping.