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Part Number: CZTS-F4E1-BLK
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We started with a brand new CZ Tactical Sport chambered in .40S&W.  We've worked up this gun package specifically to create a competitive gun for the USPSA Limited class with major power factor qualification.  To do this we begin by tearing down the gun completely and perform the following mods;

We re-machine the slide to reduce weight substantially, taking steel off the front with vents, the center top and rear sides, we even place flutes in the recoil spring housing.  By doing this we reduce the reciprocating mass thus reducing muzzle roll during rapid fire stages.  We introduce vents up front as well as our RAGE knurling to improve the slide's limited grip due to the inherent internal rail design.   Now a gun isn't a race gun without a couple specific features in our opinion.  One of those is a slide racker.  The CZ's design make's it inherently difficult to grab for slide manipulations.  We improved that a little with the vents and RAGE knurl but adding a slide racker makes it so very easy to rack that slide quickly, not to mention it's a built in kick-stand for those table starts.  Custom machined into the top, just forward of the rear sight, we add a 5 deg up tilt so it clears the biggest hands during cycling.  During the machining process we've shaved off all the CZ engraving.  We laser engraved the slide again but the way it should've been done in the first place.... in Czech!  We laser our logo on the right side in a small little area to be tasteful.  Finally we cover that heavily machined slide with a beautiful executive polish and black nitride so it has the hardest most durable black finish availble.

The CZ TS's original frame is.... well, fat!  It's big and fat and hard to hold.... and did we mention it's fat?  The original checkered wood grip panels are.... you guessed it, FAT!  The gun is inherently heavy to inhibit recoil but it's also kinda hard to hold from the factory.  WE FIX THIS.  We start by reducing the front and back straps giving them completely new contours, losing the cast checkering.  We also re-contour the beaver tail slightly as well as the trigger guard undercut and trigger guard itself.  We don't reduce the weight on the frame any further, we take advantage of the heavier steel frame to inhibit recoil since we've lightened the slide to reduce the reciprocating mass.  We refinished this frame with our executive polish and black nitride treatment to provide a clean, hardened, corrosion free surface.  We place new genuine black CZ anodized aluminum grip panels, which in this case have a slight navy blue tint in the right lighting, a bonus we didn't anticipate.  The new grip shape with the slimmer grip panels makes it a completely new gun to hold.  Now as mentioned above there's a few things a 'race gun' has to have.  We added a gas pedal.  The gas pedal is our own design with five points of adjustment giving you a full 0.500" range of play to get it fitting your paws perfectly.  We used a 'golf ball' texture on this gas pedal giving it a distinctive and tacky feel.  Lastly, this TS comes with an black anodized aluminum moderate profile magwell that will really help with speed reloads.

The trigger is everything on a race gun and we selected the CZ TS because it's trigger out of the box is FANTASTIC!  However, like anything, it can be improved.  We started by removing the plastic trigger shoe and replacing it with a black anodized straight aluminum trigger.  Next we do a little hand stoning of the sear engagements.  All adjusted (trigger is adjustable), the trigger comes in at around 2lbs, with NO creep, NO grit, NO over travel...... it's AMAZING!  I'll put this trigger up against any of those three letter gun's any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The original sights on a TS are fixed.  For a race gun we think we can do better, so in the trash they went.  We replaced the front sight with a narrow blade that has a bright red fiber optic.  The rear sight is changed out to a truly adjustable rear sight so you can dial in the gun for optimal accuracy.

In addition to all the customizing listed above we do a few other things to make this gun just work better.   After machining and refinishing, we lap in the slide to frame fit.  This hand lapping process assures the slide to frame interface is smooth as glass and brings the slide to the exact same position with every cycle.  Next we fit the barrel hood to assure proper lockup is achieved every time.  The barrel shim and locking lugs are inspected for proper fit and engagement as is the hammer and sear.  We will test fire every gun and can even provide accuracy proofing in our indoor test facility with our ransom rest.  If this option is added, we will provide test targets and ballistic data with the gun upon purchase.