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We start with a brand new CZ Shadow 2 chambered in 9mm.  We worked up this package specifically to create a competitive gun for the USPSA Carry Optics class while meeting the 45oz weight limit.  To do this we begin by tearing down the gun completely and perform the following modifications;


We re-machine the slide initially to accept a Leupold Delta Point Pro optic (included).  We then reduce weight substantially, taking steel off the slide with gutters, vents, hidden inlets, center top and side windows, as well as inlets on the sides, even the spring housing.  By doing this we also reduce the reciprocating mass thus reducing muzzle roll during rapid fire stages.  During the machining process we've shaved off all the CZ engraving.  We finish by laser engraving the slide again but the way it should've been done in the first place.... in Czech!  We laser our logo on the right side in a small little area to be tasteful.  Finally we cover that heavily machined slide with a beautiful tactical polish and black nitride so it has the hardest most durable black finish available without any reflection that might distract while competing.

      OPTIC NOTES:     Initially our design only allowed for the Leupold Delta Point Pro.  We now offer the ability to mount Sig Romeo 1, Shield RMS, J-Point and most recently Trijicon RMR and SRO's.  The Trijicon RMR/SRO mounting option incorporates Fire 4 Effects new Red Dot Optic Mounting System or RDOMS.  This is a proprietary mounting system which does NOT use an adapter plate, adds no additional weight and seats the optic as low as is physically possible, placing the sight glass even with the top of the slide.


The CZ Shadow 2's original frame is awesome!  The gun is inherently heavy to inhibit recoil from the factory and we don't want to change that.  About the only thing we wanted to improve on the frame was the trigger pin.  The dual swedged design is replaced with a threaded custom pin we created.  We refinished this frame with our tactical polish and black nitride treatment to provide a clean, hardened, corrosion free surface.  We place new anodized aluminum grip panels, we can provide multiple colors from M-ARMS.  We can provide CZ OEM grip panels in limited colors but delivery can be delayed.


The trigger is everything on a competition gun and while the Shadow 2's trigger out of the box is FANTASTIC, we found improvement could be had.  We partnered with Cajun Gun Works to provide us with their Shadow 2 PRO package trigger with it's adjustable sear and reduced travel system.  We replace everything from CZ with their package and tune that trigger in beautifully.  This kit includes a race hammer and reduced reach trigger.  It's spectacular!


The original sights from the Shadow 2 are eliminated and replaced with a Leupold Delta Point Pro optic as our standard package (you can select which reticle or a different optic).  Leupold, known for it's reliability, large window, easy of use and top accessing battery compartment, they're the first choice of many competitive shooters.  See the OPTIC NOTES above for other options.


We replace the barrel bushing with a Cajun Gun Works precision bushing, reducing the barrel lockup movement substantially.  Accuracy improvement is obvious once installed.  We will by default install a black nitride bushing, please select hard chrome from the options above if you prefer that finish option.