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Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems, LLC

Thanks for taking a look at Fire 4 Effect.  We take great pride in our products.  We started out as just a shooter with a desire to modify his guns.  Now just a few years later we're a 5000 sq foot shop, with multiple machines including CNC VMC's.  We've grown quickly in an attempt to keep up with the demand our customers require.  We try our best to provide a truly great product, quickly and economically.  To do this, we work 7 days a week, typically 10-12 hour days.  As such, we don't have a lot of time for phone conversations and email.  So please be patient when inquiring, we'll get to your questions as soon as we can.  Keep in mind if we're on the phone and texting, we're not machining, so your slide isn't getting any closer to complete.  If you really need to contact us though, texting and email is best.  Messaging through Facebook and Instagram are responded too less frequently than email or text.

We specialize in specialty modifications of CZ, Glock, S&W M&P models and some HK pistols.  We commonly work on AR15's, AK47/74's, high-end bolt guns and defensive shotguns.  We don't do general gun repair as a rule.  We don't do one-off custom jobs generally speaking either.  If it's not offered on the site we probably won't do it, but feel free to inquire if it's similar in nature.  

HOW TO ORDER:  Navigate through the site and add which mods you want to your cart.  Proceed to checkout and pay for the services.  Add any comments you think are necessary in the comments box at checkout.  Your email receipt will have shipping instructions.  Send your parts to us and we'll get them in the system.  You don't need an FFL to ship them, we are an FFL and can receive from the general public legally.  We recommend you ship via a private carrier and insure you package, we discourage using USPS.  When we are done, we will typically text you a photo(s) of the completed work and let you know it's shipping.  We ship FedEx and a copy of tracking will be sent to your email automatically by FedEx.  We will insure your package appropriately.  IF YOU SHIP TO US FROM AN FFL, we will only ship back to that FFL.  That FFL will likely charge you for this service.  It is not necessary if all we are doing is gunsmithing.  We can ship directly back to you, the original shipper if all we did was gunsmithing.  We can only ship back directly to the shipper.  Don't make this harder and more expensive than it already is.