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The F4E Armorers Wrench Set (AWS) was developed in conjunction with our Senior Gunsmith and former Army Marksmanship Unit NCOIC Matt Haidu. This wrench set was designed for the professional AR15 armorer that regularly disassembles/reassembles AR15's just like us. We wanted to create the tools that would do the job right, without damaging the AR and without the wrenches failing even after hard use. We wanted to create the 'good tool' we haven't seen yet for this application. The AWS consists of a Barrel Wrench, Castle Nut Wrench and Muzzle Device Wrench. Too many developers try to create a 'one does it all' type of tool. These designs are frequently clever but inevitably fall short.

Manufactured from 3/8 platesteel, these tough wrenches are cut by water jet, then precision CNC machined,laser engraved and finally refinished using KG, a superior thin-coat refinishing technology.The AWS is designed to provide alifetime of use for the professional AR15 armorer. Fire 4 Effect backs eachwrench with a lifetime warranty from failure/manufacturing defect when used as intended. Tools this expensive should last a lifetime, and that's exactly what we expect them to do.

Key Features:

The Barrel Nut Wrench provides nine points of contact on the barrel nut instead ofthe typical three that most offer, and features a double steel roll pin design whichcan be easily replaced by the individual armorer should one bend or deform. Precision machined for placement, you should find the barrel nut lockup is dead nuts on every time and thus all nine pins share the torque.

The Castle Nut Wrench uses recessed castle nut lugs to provide an improved lock up,similar to a socket design, during assembly and disassembly.No more slips, scarring a refinished rifle only to have to start over ona custom refinishing job.The Castle Nut Wrench also doubles as a Receiver Extension / buffer tube wrench forthose rifles with overzealous thread locker application.

The Muzzle Device Wrench features an alignment groove to assist armorers whileindexing muzzle devices. The Muzzle Device Wrench also features a shoulder inlet to accommodate crush washer expansion or shim placement while providing maximum torque facesurface contact to prevent rounding of tight muzzle devices.

All wrenches provide a 3/8 and torque drive attachment with the corrected torque wrench calculation laser engraved right on the wrench.

All wrenches incorporate two handles for balanced manual torque application duringassembly or reassembly, helping you prevent wrench slippage and marring of customer guns.